Guns, Germs And Steel Essay

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We all know that Spaniards victory over the Incas was a real breath taker. If I were to have witnessed the battle I would’ve never taken into consideration that Pizzaro might have been the winner of it all. Pizzaro’s victory wasn’t only because of military skill; in fact he had many advantages on his side. Some of those advantages had to do with technology, religion, disease, literacy, and government organization. In these next few paragraphs I will explain how Pizzaro ended up victorious. To start off, I think if I was to have witnessed the battle I would have no doubt who was going to win. Pizzaro to me would’ve been no match for Atahualpa. One of those reasons would have been because the difference between the number of soldiers of Pizzaro and Atahualpa. Atahualpa had 80,000 soldiers while Pizzaro only had 106 foot soldiers and 62 horse men. But like I said Pizzaro had many advantages on his side and one of those was technology. Pizzaro’s technology was far more advanced than Atahualpa. For example, a huge advantage in technology Pizzaro had, were: steel weapons, steel armor, and the use of horses in battle. The fact that Native Americans had never seen such things made them even more vulnerable to victory. While the Spaniards had steel weapons the soldiers of Atahualpa had: wooden clubs, slingshots and quilted armor plus they had no use of domesticated animals (such as horses etc.). Having steel armor had big advantages do to the fact that Atahualpa’s weapons were mostly wood and could not harm steel. Although the Spaniards had guns they weren’t of much help because the guns from back then took a while to reload. Having horses in the battle was a huge help because they would easily catch up to Atahualpa’s foot soldiers from going back to Cajamarca and calling for back up. Having such thing as boats I think is what really helped Pizzaro because without it he
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