Why Was Wilson Considered A Realist

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Wilson Essay Wilson wanted what was best for America and its people, but I ask, did he really know what was best for us? Is Wilson considered a realist for understanding that war would make the world safer for democracy and it would be the only answer for peace? Or was Wilson fantasying when he thought that peace would be a result for what would soon to be a very negative resolution between the countries? His ideas of religion, democracy, and morality hurled his mission forward to obtain and grasp foreign policy and helped to support his stand behind the League. Wilson was steadfast and stayed neutral during a 3 year period by not choosing positions on either sides, but he did help the British “secretly or out of public view” with economic and military support. With his morals of support, Wilson drove America into a war that would, and has changed everything that Americans knew. “The present German submarine warfare against commerce is a warfare against all mankind...Armed neutrality, it now appears, is impracticable.” President Wilson states in his War Message that due to the events and attacks on America from the Germans, we…show more content…
Although it involved many positive aspects, it was strongly rejected by America, both the government and the citizens. The Congress found it to be an attachment of war for our countries, spend more money and slowly destroy our economy, and it pulled us into European affairs. This war without country seemed at that time very dim. Coming out of a war and feeling unstoppable, maybe Wilson was only wise enough to see that war is not something to be used unless absolutely needed. To protect the right of mankind, and lives of American and allied lives. Perhaps other men were blinded by American Pride and could not see the path they had chosen to
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