How Did World War 1 Change America's Foreign Policy

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After The World War 1 had ended America was finally beginning to return to normalcy. The idea of Isolationism and the outlaw of War with wall nations began to shape the foreign policy for the United States. Although the world was as peace during the 1920’s it was not soon enough that Germany, Japan, and the Soviet Union would spark another World War. Due to Political, social and economic changes during 1920-1941 the foreign policy of the United States would dramatically change. Isolationism , the made idea in the early 1920’s was changed after the course of World War 2, and urge to engage in world affairs made America the leading power in the world. America was beginning to get through World War 1 and trying to establish better relations with world powers but their differences led America into changing its foreign policies politically. Although most of the countries joined the League of Nations, America had from the start opposed it. As president Harding says in a speech at Des Moines, Iowa on October 1920 that he completely opposes America Joining the League because it is against the constitution and what Americans had fought for. Isolationism is still the idea in Washington. The Disarmament Conference came next when a ten year hiatus on construction of battleships and even for scrapping some of the huge ships already built. Secretary Hughes who proposed this also proposed that American and Britain should have…show more content…
Edwin L. James, European correspondent of the New York Times on October 1930 explains how America has now become among the most important nations. The Good Neighbor policy which brought better relations with America’s Latin American Neighbors was soon after established and American Troops were then withdrawn from Latin America forming a closer bond between the two Nations in times
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