To What Extent Was the Vietnam’s War Eisenhower’s War?

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To What Extent was the Vietnam’s war Eisenhower’s War? The Vietnam War 1945-75 spread over five presidents. So which president should be blamed mostly for the war? He Vietnam War is traditionally known as ‘Johnson’s War’ However Eisenhower was a lot more responsible for involving US in the Vietnam War It is argued that Eisenhower could have removed the US from Vietnam once France had left. This is because the whole reason Vietnam got involved in the first place was to aid France. Truman wanted to support France because he believed that Vietnam was important for the success of the Cold War as they didn’t want the Communists to expand. So even though there was a clear reason for why Truman should support France there is no clear reason why Eisenhower should stay involved in Vietnam. If he had removed troops earlier, then there would have been no US- Vietnam War. Also the war is Eisenhower’s War because Eisenhower changed tactics since Truman. So they had an in-state building instead of Financial Aid. This meant that it was Eisenhower’s War because it shows that US is staying in Vietnam for the Long Haul. Eisenhower’s administration did not see Vietnam as its own nation, but a way for Communism to spread. This meant that having the in state building showed that the US wanted to be involved in the Communism situation and Vietnam was the closest place to be. Eisenhower made Vietnam to be a victim of the Cold War as the Cold War had increased the worries about communism. The Geneva Accords had stated that no foreign troops or alliances were allowed in Vietnam the US defied this by making alliances with France and attempted to make alliances with Britain, but they didn’t want to get involved in the war. This could suggest that the war was Eisenhower’s because if he had signed the Geneva Accords then Vietnam wouldn’t have split and there would have been no war. Once
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