To What Extent Can Eisenhower Be Blamed for Us Involvement in Vietnam?

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To what extent can Eisenhower be blamed for US involvement in Vietnam? In this essay I will explain reasons that Eisenhower both could and couldn’t be blamed For America’s involvement. For example, Eisenhower could be blamed because he gave the French billions of dollars in aid. But Eisenhower also couldn’t be blamed because his advisors weren’t didn’t assess whether or not Vietnam was important to winning the Cold War, just on how to win the war in Vietnam. These are two of the several arguments I will cover. The first reason Eisenhower should receive blame for US involvement in Vietnam is that he gave the French aid to fight against Vietnam. He gave this aid in the form of $500,000,000 per year and 15,000 advisors. This enabled the French to afford military expenses such as soldiers and weapons, meaning they can fight in Vietnam, this means we can blame Eisenhower because it was his own choice to send this aid and it deepened their involvement with Vietnam. One reason Eisenhower shouldn’t be blamed for America’s involvement in Vietnam is that his advisors were too focused on how to win the war in Vietnam rather than if winning the war in Vietnam would actually be beneficial at all. So if his advisors only spoke of strategies to win in Vietnam, this may have lead Eisenhower to believe there weren’t any other options and that continued involvement in Vietnam was the wisest choice. Therefore it could have been the fault of Eisenhower’s advisors and not Eisenhower’s fault himself that America continued its involvement in Vietnam. A second reason that means Eisenhower shouldn’t be blamed was because of the Quagmire theory. By the point of Eisenhower’s presidency, President Truman had already gotten America deeply involved in Vietnam, therefore it would have been difficult for Eisenhower to become uninvolved and it also would appear wasteful of resources, so the only
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