Why Games Are Good For You

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The essay “Why Games Are Good for You” written by Steven Johnson, was written not to say that video games are any better or worse than reading books but simply to clear the misconception that video games are a hindrance to people who play them when it comes to a normal education or learning the social skills people need to live a healthy life, Johnson believes nothing can replace the benefits of reading a book and the written word. However, video games appear to deliver information that would bore the average student in a way that entices them to learn more and keeps them interested in something ordinarily dull. Johnson believes it is because games give people visual rewards for our time spent that books or other forms of media aren’t able to deliver. For example, in certain games such as “SimCity” a user is encouraged to build a thriving metropolis, which teaches about taxes, population, economics and other subjects that must be considered in order to be progressive in the game. Video games require the player to memorize the information they take in, use their cognitive skills to solve a puzzle in the game or use their sensory skills to complete a task in addition to other benefits that haven’t been mentioned. Johnson noted that even when a video game player is not engaged in gameplay, they are often thinking about something that stumped them in the game or a way that they can advance to a next level. Video game players often purchase a playing guide to help them advance through a game, which even leads directly to reading, although not in novel form. Steven Johnson firmly believes that no form of educational media can replace books in terms of importance, but he argues that video games aren’t the waste of time that people label them to be. Video games teach people a wide range of skills that can’t be taught through literature. According to Johnson, the
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