Violence in the Media Who's Is Right or Wrong?

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Essay #4- Who is right and who is wrong? So what should we believe? There have been several opinions, studies, reports and personal theories done all over the world. Does violence on television negatively affect the human race? What impact does violence have and which view do people believe more? Which point of view or study are people relating to is it The American Psychological Association, Diane Swanbrow, Gerard Jones or Stephan King’s view, not saying any one is better than the other? First, The American Psychological Association (APA) has conducted studies that have determined that children may become less sensitive to the pain and suffering of others, they become more fearful of the world, and may become more likely to behave in aggressive or harmful ways toward others (161). The APA suggests that parents should view their child’s show before allowing them watch it. By limiting the amount of time children watch television it is less aggression they may be viewing. Also a parent needs to be more involved in what shows are appropriate for their children to watch (163). Secondly, in a Diane Swanbrow article a study done by Psychological Science reports that, “People who play violent video games and watch violent movies are numb to the pain and suffering of other” (165). There was an article by Jon Bardin a writer for, Los Angeles Times that states, “Kids who play games like “Manhunt” and “Grand Theft Auto” are more likely to drive recklessly, according to a new study published in the academic journal Psychology of Popular Media Culture. On the other note, well-known author Gerard Jones states, “I am going to argue that it’s (violent entertainment) helped hundreds of people for everyone its hurt, and that it can help far more if we learn to use it well” (184). Jones says people need to express themselves with their violent games, movies, music and other source

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