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Did you know that the average age of a game player is 31 and has been playing games for 14 years? (‘’Top 10 Gamer Facts’’n.d)Video games have been around since 1960’s. It all started from simplicity; no story line, limited control options, and very simple visual. To what we experience today from interactive games to its simplest details which a lead to a misconception between these games and reality. Video games cannot be categorized under any group of age due its wide range of games which satisfies the interest of any one. Due to the evolution of the video games many theories were raised about the pros and cons, and many researches were carried out to prove them. Although video games can be one of the many reasons that build-up aggressive…show more content…
In a survey we conducted lately, 80% agreed that video games should be used for learning and academic purposes. Video games can grab the student attention towards the topic and make them emotionally involved. Brain researches have proved that emotional interest helps the brain to learn. So that means, whenever the topic is boring, this part of the brain won’t be active which would lead to decrease in the efficiency of learning. Not to mention the colorful visual and displays which increases the interaction towards the topic. (Reason why video games power up learning (June 15, 2011). Lately, video games are known to be designed as simulator or ‘learning simulator’ in which involves the user to make up his own decisions and to become protagonist in the training process. To illustrate more, the users become aware of the consequences of their decision and errors in situation that simulate reality; such games would further their job-related experience and helps them to gain self-confidence, react faster, and decrease failure percentage. The learning simulator is quiet convenient too, as the user can turn to the online platform from anyplace, instead of having to attend training sessions or classes. (The benefits of effective learning simulation, 2013). Finally, we can say that video games is the road to a successful new

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