Whirlpool Essay

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Whirlpool Corporation Hrm532- Talent Management Discuss what factors emerged at Whirlpool that impacted its talent needs. Whirlpool Corporation is like many other organization, faced a gap in talent, this was due to several factors. One being rapid expansion, through acquisition and also through global expansion. Whirlpool is a 93 year old US company, but its global presences have only been felt for 7 years. So there are still a lot of challenges in this area. In their industry there is the ever changing of technology and the need to have innovated and creative talent was necessary, that necessity has created a market that allowed talented employee to go from company to company, creating in change in employee loyalty. Whirlpool had to find a way to competitive in retaining and acquiring a talent pool, in order to stay ahead of the technological factors. Also, the aging and retirement of the current talent pool was also a factor for Whirlpool’s need to redefine and revisit their talent management program. Discuss how expanding globally changed the talent requirements at Whirlpool. Whirlpool, while investing in their acquision of Maytag, was also building their global market share. In order to be successful, Whirlpool realizes that they had to invest in their employee’s competences and strengths, and to offer their employees the tools and resources to be successful. In order for the company to succeed, they need to have in place a good talent management program that included features that will enable them to attract, retain and develop talent to achieve their strategic objectives. According to Goldsmith and Carter (2010), those features are “ (a defining the type of leadership needed to be successful, (b) accessing the company current leadership competencies and talent to determine if there are gaps, (c) developing the necessary internal leadership
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