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Medisys Corp. 1) What are the forces that are compelling change at MediSys? a. The main force compelling change at MediSys is tough industry competition. Two of MediSys’s key ccompetitiors with a lot of money and great market expertise were threatening to move into MediSys’ key markets and produce a product that would compete with IntensCare. 2) Describe the team dynamics b. The team dynamics of the IntensCare team have created undertones of mistrust and have stalled progress on the project. The mistrust of each individual team member stems from a lack of trust between all of the individuals. The team for IntensCare is comprised of individuals from 6 key areas of project development. The 6 people chosen for this particular team are not compatible, personality wise. There is an overwhelming sense of “backstabbing” between all the group members This is seen when Bret O’Brien asks to meet with Jack alone about some issues on the project because he “can’t afford the time to deal with Valerie’s [Merz] predictable drama.” The pressure that Merz is placing on the group to meet the deadline for the project and incorporate the modular design has created tension within the team as they see her as pushy and intrusive. There is a lack of communication and information sharing within the team, which has challenged the decision-making ability of the team. 3) How does the functional structure at MediSys impact the success of the team dynamics? c. The key point of a functional structure is having employees with a specialization in one of the key tasks or areas for the specified project. However, in MediSys’s case, the increasing competition in the market has made it necessary for Beaumont to restructure teams to get the product to market faster than their competitors, who they know are currently researching and developing a product that will produce

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