HCS 475: Leadership And Performance Development

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Implementing Change Paper HCS 475 - Leadership and Performance Development In most organizations change is beginning which helps to produce growth within an organization. An organization that does not have innovation can become motionless and their competition will continue to climb. If a organization already have a process that is structured, it is hard to implement innovation. Because of this there has to be an individual that is special in order to successfully bring forward innovation. In order to present this change the individual has to be persuasive and this will help individuals accept the change willingly. I have worked with some managers that have not been able to carry out the ideas of innovation because the manager was not…show more content…
In order for the structure to be initiated the leaders of the organization must be able to organize and then define the members of the group and what they should be doing to help maximize output. In order for the leaders to create consideration they must be able to create trust and respect that is mutual and this helps focus any concerns that the members may have. Dysfunction within the group can be caused by the structure not having consideration and the other way around, no consideration, no structure. In my personal opinion it seemed as if the manager mainly focused on structure initiation and completely ignored consideration entirely. From the very beginning this manager stated clearly what her expectations were from all associates. This manager also expressed that she wanted the members of the team to operate in a different way from any other management. Because of this, she was able to force this change, new structure, on us and she was unable to obtain any trust from any of us regarding her new plan. Trust is an expectation that most followers feel about the intentions and behaviors of their leaders. One of the most effective processes in leadership is the ability to build trust. Because there was no trust many members of the team began to question the plan altogether. Because there was no confidence in her and her plan the members of the team questioned her intentions, decisions and her competence. This was because all the decisions she made had an impact on the team which caused us to be hesitant to her direction and no effort was really put into her plan. Because she was never able to gain any type of trust from the team we implemented the new plan in a way that was very forceful. The members of the team were not in support of the new plan so this caused the plan to not have the needed resources it needed it order to

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