Procrastinating Student Essay

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There are many reasons why procrastinating is not a good idea. For starters procrastinators are always behind in things they need to do. When they finally decide to do it they often become overwhelmed which may lead to an emotional break down or an anxiety attack. Aside from how it affects the procrastinator personally, it also affects those around them. They may have to wait for something to get done causing them to also fall behind because they don’t have what they need to finish their own tasks. Procrastination makes people seem unreliable and maybe even lazy. Take a student for example. Students are often given work that is to be completed at a specific time. While they may think there is no need for this why do it now when I can do it the day before its do, there is good reason for the time given. Assignments often have a lot of things that need to be done. They may also require a certain amount of study time to prepare. When one procrastinates and waits till the very last minute to study or do the assignment they are often times unprepared. Or they rush to finish the assignment and it turns out poorer quality then it would have been had they done the work on time instead of waiting. It not only affects the quality of the work but the end grade. Not all teachers and or professors are willing to allow students to do extra credit to make up for a grade that was poor due to the student’s lack of motivation to follow the original instructions and do it on time. Which is why for students procrastination is a bad idea. Another reason procrastination is bad is when it affects more than just one person. Say the person procrastinating is working in a group on a project. If they don’t have their part done because they found other things to do they not only mess up themselves but everyone else in the group that was depending on them to complete their part.

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