Under Armour Case Analysis: Porter's Five Forces

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Under Amour case Porter’s five forces competitive Supplier Power: High Huge amount of raw material are available on the market. The company always ensure best supply source not only in quantity but also quality. Nowadays, with the use of modern technology which make the products differentiation become higher so the suppliers also increased very strong. Buyer Power: HIGH With a huge numbers of apparel companies available on the market which created variable products options for customer, whole seller and retailer. Each brand have variable of style and product design so they sometimes have to make decision on the offers from different brands with same quality, and price. Threads of new entrants: Moderate The threads of new entrants is…show more content…
Substitute products: Low With a lot of apparel companies compete on the market customer will be provide with variable product with lower price. But the main customer of Under Amour is athlete so high quality product which provide best function for the athlete will always be their first selection despite of the price SWOT…show more content…
New market will bring new opportunity to push the company going forward Threats It will be a big challenge for Under Armour in doing business with big companies like Nike and Adidas in the same industry, the actions of a competitor could be a major threat against Under Armour, for instance, if they bring in new technology, news design or increase their workforce to meet demand for the needs of having an innovation product because when doing business in the sport industry new product is a core competency for a company after every season of the league. Substitute products available on the market present also a major threat to under armour. I. Long-term

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