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1.1 Analyse the defining features of autistic spectrum conditions and the impact on practice The defining features of Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) can be grouped into three categories. The first of which is problems and difficulties with social interaction. Here individuals may have a lack of understanding of other thoughts and feelings. They may be unable to recognise social cues and thus find themselves in situations where others are made to feel uncomfortable. This feature can make it difficult for support staff to engage well with individuals, impacting on the level of support received. An example of this is one tenant who is autistic who finds it difficult to speak with people face to face. The tenant prefers to be alone at all times. This makes it very hard to support them as they often will not open their door, instead they will shout through the door that they are ok and do not need any help. This tenant does not get much support due to this which impacts on practice, staff are not able to complete tasks with her, and not able to physically monitor her well being. Staff then have to be creative in the way they work with her and constantly problem solve in order to have contact with her and meet service requirements. The second category is impaired language and communication skills. Individuals may not be able to communicate effectively, inability to take part in conversations properly or may not be able to verbally express themselves due to a speech impediment. This can impact on practice if an individual is not able to express themselves effectively it will be harder to know what their needs and wishes are. Practice is person centred, communication with the individual is needed in order to ensure that they and their wishes are at the centre of service delivery. Support plans detail any communication needs an individual has in order that they be
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