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Establishing and Maintaining good quality care relationships can be both rewarding and challenging for all involved. What are some of the difficulties that may face those providing and receiving care and how might these be overcome? In this assignment the key points that will be discussed are the difficulties that carers may tackle when providing care and the manner in which they may overcome them. The assignment will also examine the difficulties that the service user (person receiving care) may experience and how these may be overcome. Good quality care relationships are dependent on a number of factors that are changeable. A key factor that affects the quality of care is that the relationship between the “carer” and the person being cared for should be based on clear communication, trust and respect from both parties. Without this both factions may feel the care provided is good but if there is no communication due to lack of trust or respect then the standard of care may be lacking. To ensure that both parties are not vulnerable to abuse or being over stretched, external services need to be available and appropriate measures in place to assist them. The difficulties that carers may face can be mental, physiological and/or physical. Physical difficulties are where the carer may struggle to support the cared for individual due to lack of training or experience and physical strain on them. This is illustrated in case study of Angus and Ann as when we first meet them, Ann is “suffering from physical exhaustion” (Cavaye, 2008,quoted in K101 Resources p 8) this is because she is on constant call. A number of physical demands and mental pressures are put on Ann and this is true of the majority of carers. According to the UK census in 2001 it was established that approx. 32% of carers provided care for over 20 hours per week (Source; based on Office of Population
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