Individual with Additional Needs

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Unit 26 Caring for Individual with Additional Needs P3. Explain barriers which may be experienced by individuals with additional needs. In this task I am going to explain the barriers that are experienced by individuals with additional needs in their every day life. Individuals with disabilities are often treated as less human than those who do not have a disability such as people at school or colleges insulting and bullying disabled people because they are unable to do things like participating in the sports if they are the wheel chair users, or they may be bullied because they behave and understand things differently from everyone else. They can also be discriminated against by people overwhelming them too much. For example when someone insists on helping them with everything because by helping them with everything they are still being treated as if they are something less than human. Still they are being treated as obviously different and in doing so it can also make them offended and lose confidence in the things they are capable of doing themselves. Individual with additional needs are also not employed because of their disability as they are seen as less skill people. This can be a barrier for them because it means they cannot achieve their own dreams and goals in life as well cannot be independent and control over their life. Access inside the building can also be a barrier for example someone using a wheelchair will not be able to get in and outside of the building if there is not a lift which will prevent them from using the range of services. For the individual who is partially deaf person in work or at school or colleges will not be able to listen the fire alarm if it is on or if there is no visual signs. If some with partially deaf attends the school or college and there is no loop system in classroom than it will have bad impact on their
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