Professional Development and Career Success

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Professional Development and Career Success Professional Development and Career Success In today’s professional landscape, people need to find ways to set themselves apart from their peers and be seen as a leader in their field. There are several methods of increasing your professional value and desirability to employers, clients and colleagues. One of the methods that will be explored in this paper is the professional organization. There are myriad associations established for the purpose of increasing their members’ knowledge base and increasing their productivity. Each industry has their own unique challenges that are best addressed by professionals with similar backgrounds and experience. Finding the right organization though will require some research and evaluation on the part of the member. Some considerations to consider when selecting an organization to join are: * Are they recognized as an industry leader? * Do they require members to pay a fee to join? * Do they host training seminars? * Is there a local chapter that holds meetings? * Is there a networking opportunity to expand your current circle of influence? In the profession of recruiting there are several organizations that are established to assist the professional recruiter in achieving their professional goals. Many of these organizations have continuing education, seminars and conventions that members can attend; one such group is the Electronic Recruiting Exchange ( The Electronic Recruiting Exchange is an affiliation of professional recruiters that is focused on improving the effectiveness of their members in the highly competitive world of talent acquisition. One of the greatest strengths of any organization is an active membership; the Electronic Recruiting Exchange has over 73,000 members worldwide. Having a robust membership is only helpful
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