Effective Workplace Training Essay

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Midterm Assessment Case 1 Effective Workplace Training HRM3000XA 11/2/10 Case One pages 99-100 1. What competitive challenges motivated PwC to develop the Ulysses Program? I believe that the competitive challenges that motivated PwC to develop this program was identifying and training up and coming leaders who could find unconventional answers to intractable problems. Also overcoming barriers and forgoing a connection with clients all over the world. They also needed a pipeline of global leaders to support them in a new world of complex global business, without it the company could possibly be left behind. 2. Do you think the Ulysses Program contributes to PwC’s business strategy and goals? Explain. I believe that the Ulysses Program does contribute to PwC’s business strategies and goals because their goal is to be known as the place to build a career, regardless of who you are, regardless of one's background,…show more content…
There are older people that are more in tuned with video games than some and there are people that think that video games regardless of what they are for are useless and that they teach you bad things(how to kill),not useful information. I believe that there may be some that will shy away from video game training because of the unknown, the fear of not knowing how to play and not wanting to play. I am fifty-three and I have been playing video games forever it seems and I would be more than happy to have a training session or sessions that involved interactive video games. Eye and hand coordination’s expands, reflexes are better, there is a lot that can be learned just from playing a game imagine a training game. 4. The article discusses the use of video gaming by Cold stone and Canon. How would you evaluate the effectiveness of video gaming (choose either Cold Stone or Canon)? What outcomes would you collect? What evaluation design would you

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