What Was Life Like in Nazi Germany

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What was life like in Nazi Germany? Nazi Germany was Hitler’s ideal society to produce strong soldiers for his revenge on their defeat in World War One. Individualism was not important because Hitler wanted everybody to believe the Nazi’s were always right and no one should ever question their ideology. The Nazi’s used propaganda and fear to make the citizens believe in the Nazi ideology. Life was very authoritarian and militaristic under the rule of Hitler and the Nazi’s. The Nazi’s had a set ideology which was to be respected by every citizen of Germany. The main ideas were: 1. Germany must be respected. 2. Dictatorship was the right idea. 3. Aryans (white) are the master race. 4. Communists must be got rid of. They believe all men are equal. 5. The Jews are parasites. They are not German. 6. Democracy should be destroyed. Nazi ideas were the only right ones. A Nazi Propaganda on Hitler These ideas were reinforced by the Nazi propaganda created by Josef Goebell. They were proven effective through two simple techniques, Keep it simple and Repeat it. Many Germans were convinced by the propaganda. Some major industrialists and aristocrats supported Hitler’s strong ants of the anti-Jewish and anti communism stance. These ideas were later carried out through the great Holocaust. The Holocausts had killed more than 6 million Jewish men and women through the death camps during the Nazi’s rein. This hatred for the Jewish gradually spread throughout the country and racial biology was taught at school, that the Jewish were inferior, impure and not German. The Jews had to be gotten rid of. The propaganda continued when Germany held the 1936 Berlin Olympics, which displayed Germany’s power and how happy all the German’s were under the Nazi rule. The Nazi army Life in Germany during the Nazi rein was very Militaristic. This was based on Hitler’s
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