Assess the View That the Most Important Element in Maintaining Hitler's Regime in Power Between 1933 and 1945 Was the Consent of the German People

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Assess the view that the most important element in maintaining Hitler's regime in power between 1933 and 1945 was the consent of the German people There was an original view that the German people feared the regime but there has been a view put forward that the German people actually helped the regime by participating with the Gestapo but still many people believe that the German populace lived in fear of the regime. This was because of many different reasons like the use of Propaganda to control the minds of the Germans. The use of fear to make sure that they acted in the way that the regime demanded. Another key element in the regime was the use of fear to scare the Germans into supporting them. The removal of the opposition was also a useful fact into the Nazis staying in power. Another element that was key for keeping the Nazis in power was the economic state of Germany at this time. This helped the regime stay in power because they were the most confident that they could solve the economic depression of Germany. Each of the sources has a strong point that support or challenge the statement that the key element in keeping the regime in power was the consent of the German people. Source A is about removing opposition and the use of propaganda to control what the population thought and did this is challenging the question as the consent is not given but actually forced out of the none Arian people of Germany. The source suggests that the Nazis removed the peoples basic rights like freedom of speech because they feared that the people would speak out against the laws that had been created to keep them under control. This is a strong argument against the Germans giving support towards the regime because it suggests that the Germans. Source A also suggests that after the war Germany still wasn’t ready politically so Hitler had an easy task in taking power the
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