How Did Roehm Become A Threat To Germany

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Andrew Valdez Mr. Shaw Ap Euro March 5, 2012 One Hit Wonder Life has been called ”Time Wizard” because it tends to make things happen all over again. That is why history is very dear to this society. We need to be able to pay attention to detail and learn from other people’s mistakes. France and Britain were not able to do this. They let Hitler rebuild and conquer again. One way that Hitler was able to rebuild Germany was by a society called S.A. The leader was Ernst Roehm and he was a very powerful leader during this time. The S.A was gaining too much power and was becoming a threat to Hitler’s power. Therefore Hitler had no other choice but to purge the Sturmabteilung or S.A. After World War 1 the Treaty of Versailles stated that Germany could have a standing army. However, that army could only reach 100,000 soldiers. One thing that Hitler did realize was the Brownshirts were…show more content…
Ernst Roehm had a different view of a successful Germany and Hitler was on different path (A3). Apparently Roehm and Hitler have butted heads before and Hitler came on top (A3). Hitler was growing very afraid of the Brownshirts, so he felt the only way to keep power was to put the S.A on leave. Hitler was thinking that another revolution could have happened with the S.A in power (D2). Hitler paid attention to what happened with Russia and was able to not make the same mistake. Hitler wanted to make clear that the S.A was not replacing the standing army (B4). The Night of Long Knives is when Ernst Roehm was killed along with 200 S.A members because they were seen as threat to Hitler. Hitler was a cruel man and leader. He did not let anything stand in his way; unfortunately, the S.A was in the way. Hitler had many goals for Germany, and was able to succeed but he was only able to do that because he got rid of the S.A. Once he gained absolute power World War 2
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