What Is It/205 Week 3 Individual Assignment

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IT/205 Week 1 Checkpoint Instructor: Celesta Blake by Joshua Foultz Difference between IT and IS Information of technology is all the devices, hardware, software, and programs that helps a company in order to achieve their business goals and objects. The Internet has become one of the most useful types of technology that has help business today. It allows them to market, communicate, and ship their products around the world more efficiently and quickly. “Information systems is an integrated set of components for collecting, storing, and processing data and delivering information, knowledge, and digital products”(Encyclopaedic Britannica, Inc, 2012). The difference between the two is information of technology is limited to technology, as information systems is more complex. Information systems not only rely on technology, but also human resources too. The functions to the information system are input, processing, output, and feedback. Input is all the raw data that is gather. The processing is raw data turned into readable form. The output is the information from the processing that is given to correct people to use. The feedback is the output that is returned to the organization to…show more content…
People are the workers and managers of a business. If a person does not have the qualifications or is not doing their job right it can cost the company money. Technology is all the hardware, software, programs, and other devices the business uses to help run it efficiently. Problems can occur if programs are outdated or virus attack the hardware and software. The last dimension is organizational, which is structure composed of different levels and skilled positions. Problems can happen when one of the level responsible for their input is struggling to do so. This structure is like a pyramid, if on block falls the rest can crumble.
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