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Case Briefing: “Strategic Design at Dynacorp” 1.If you were on the Dynacorp task force, what would be your first choice for an alternative design? What would be your second choice? The Dynacorp is a well-known company in information technology and communications industry. Though Dynacorp is still a profitable and growing corporation, the corporation was facing follow problems: high costs, being too slow to get new products to market, and a need to increase the value created for customers. The CEO of Dynacorp did not want the corporation to fall into a dilemma. He built up a task force to alternative organizational design. If I were on the Dynacorp task force, the first choice for me is the Front/back. According to a junior marketing manager: “ I’ve given up trying to change anything around here” (Ancona et al., 2009: M-2, 31). And the marketing division, the manufacturing division and engineering division were hard to communicate to each other. The main problem for this company is the information flow was failed. This is a typical issue for big company that every decision is too far away from each other and there are too many managers. The goal of the new alternative organization designs is to make the information flow flows again. The front/ back organization will combine manufacturing division and engineering division into a new division, called product-based business units, as back-end. The front-end will be the marketing. This new organization designs will provide improved communication, especially between manufacturing and engineering. When the information flow is ameliorated, it will be easy for develop new production and customers will get higher value-added product. My second choice will be the product division structure. The aim for this modification is to create better information flow. When every product has their own division, it will

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