What Character Trait Is Most Important for a Person to Have

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I think the most important character trait for a person to have is to be happy. I think it is the most important trait for a person to have because humor and happiness (which I feel is included in happy) are needed in life. For example, try to imagine a world where there was no laughter or people that were happy, it would be shocking. Happiness is so crucial and important in life.
Happiness is so important especially when it comes to socializing with other people around you. If I were around people who were unhappy I would not want to start a conversation and I am sure that most people would agree on that. Happiness gives life to people no matter how old or young, you can always find something that will make yourself happy. When you are happy it puts you in a whole different mood.
When you are happy you will want to talk to people, you will want to go outside and get some fresh air and take a look at the world around yourself and just appreciate life and everything included in it. I know that when I am unhappy I would stay away from people and just sit around and be grouchy. But when I am happy I love to talk to people and just appreciate what I have, can do, and see. There is no question that when your happy you don’t act much different.

When a person is happy, they can change the mood of the people around them. I think for this to be done is an amazing thing because when you can change a person’s mood positively, that same person will start to be more positive than negative about things and could do the same to other people. If people could all just be happy and be able to be fair to each other and kind and all of these things the world could be a much better place to live for everyone. I think that if everyone could try to work on being more joyful and happy they can change themselves majorly as well as having a positive effect on today’s
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