If You Really Knew Me

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“If You Really Knew Me”
Passing by on the street, one can easily see that I am five feet tall. I may be small, but is that all there is to me? Of course not. Like everyone, there is more to me than meets the eye. You might even say, “Something special.” If you look inside the five feet, blue eyes, and blonde hair you might be surprised at what you find. I believe if you really knew me, you might see a little bit of good, bad, and maybe something special. The statement “Good girl” would come out of most peoples’ mouths when you hear my name. For example, I like to be honest. I want to help anyone I possibly can, and most would use the word selfless. Almost all the time I am smiling about something. I am a very positive person and like to see the “good” in everyone and everything. I try to make everyone feel special, because they are. There’s more to that smile than just always being happy. I like to use the word joyful, because that happiness comes from deep within the soul. I may be eighteen, but I also have a child-like spirit. I am okay with being very excited about little things, and everything for that matter. I have strong morals, including there is only one life to live; life should be joyous. Therefore, my goal is to make everyone I come across a friend. Making them feel loved and showing them my true heart. Most important to me are when people see the love I try to radiate. I want this to be on a personal level to each person I meet. I believe that if you really got to know my heart, my serving and selfless heart, hopefully “good” might be an understatement. However, if you catch me on a bad day, good might be completely erased from your mind. Although there is a lot of good to me, I am human. One thing you would able to see is that I get stressed very easily. When there is a lot on my mind at once, I will hold it all in
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