Benefits Of Diversity In The United States

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Final Project ETH 125 The diversity in the United States is ever growing. Diversity is a variety of people including races and cultures. Many races and cultures live in the United States, which I continue to learn about every day. The United States is so diversified, which has many nationalities, ethnicities, races, cultures that live in one country .There are many countries that are not diverse, and without diversity, everyone is the same. It is interesting to learn about other cultures. The information that I have learned about diversity has helped me, because many people are different and have different beliefs. By not understanding the differences, it can lead to discrimination and prejudice. This is why it is important to fully…show more content…
When people are expose to different ways of life, and view how other cultures live, it is a benefit to learn and explore new ways of life. With all the differences, it can be meaningful in all people lives. It is important is learn and benefit from all cultures and diversity’s, because the more people know the more they understand and share the knowledge of diversity in society. This way it can promote the acceptance in all cultures and adapt everyone for who they are. People are different, and the difference can strengthen society in many ways, because the diversity provides opportunities to learn and grow from one another. Not having diversity in society, everybody would be the same. There would be no differences and I think it would be boring. There would be no opportunity to explore different backgrounds and cultures. Diversity gives people the advantage of getting to know one another, and share different experiences that makes life interesting. These benefits will help decrease all the negativity in society, because everyone can come together and share each other’s culture experiences with a diverse…show more content…
Although, media mostly responds to the negative stories, they cover the positive ones too. The media can influence society by proving more coverage when people in all cultures and races come together in certain situations to help with the act of kindness. For example, during an event that someone needs help all people come together to help regardless of race, ethnicity, color, religion, or other factors. The media is also coming out with more television shows and movies that portray actors of all nationalities, sexual orientations, gender, beliefs, and culture that once were prohibit. These shows and movies help the acceptance into society. For example, when people watch these shows and movies, they understand the differences of society. Some people may not understand the differences and may be scared of someone different from them, so with these shows they provide character and may even change people’s minds about cultures and diversity that did not know about. One good television show is Glee. This show is a multi-culture show and has all races, sexual orientation, religion, and cultures, which all people come together as a team to provide the ultimate performance with amazing

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