Affirmative Action In The United States

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Anthony Ma Affirmative Action     United States today has transformed in many ways throughout the 20th century. The United States can even be considered a young country compared to many. The country as a whole adapts and changes, just as humankind does; people live life day by day and learn from their experiences. There is a saying: "You can lose the fight but never lose the lesson." Affirmative action is an experience that our country is still learning from and has yet fully decided if it possesses a positive or negative effect to this country’s growth and development.     Affirmative action in the United States is defined by Wikipedia as a "policy or a program intended to promote access to education,…show more content…
As for Affirmative action, the most noticeable pro is that there is no discrimination for race, religion, creed, color, etc. That is one main reason it was created in the early 60's. This gives everyone a fighting chance to do something without the worry of being judged for their appearance, but rather for their abilities. Affirmative action also promotes diversity in different organizations.  Diverse groups often perform better than homogeneous groups in terms of problem solving. Different perspectives lead to different solutions attempted; this will lead to many points of views and the best decision for the organization. Another positive effect is that it will give students who start with a disadvantage a significant boost. This could lead to many individuals breaking away from stereotypes that might have to deal with on a daily basis. It also gives incentives to minority groups to attain higher levels of…show more content…
In our economy today, I do not believe that people should be judged based on their color, race, creed, and etc., but they should be judge by their abilities.. That was the original purpose of Affirmative action. In my opinion I believe that those who fight for affirmative action are partially responsible for draining our society by taking the easy way. There are many who break the chain and work hard. There are many who take advantage of the system, even in my own culture. They use excuses to dis-empower themselves instead of empowering themselves to reach for something better. We are all human beings. I look at all the successful people in the world and see one thing. They just chose to work harder than most. And i ask myself this, Do i deserve what they have if I haven’t done what they have done? If the answer in "No" then there is no

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