303 Work in a Business Environment

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Unit 303 Working in a Business Environment Carrie Gatiss Outcome 1: Understand the purpose and benefits of respecting and supporting other people at work 1.1 The purpose of supporting other people at work is to help others feel more comfortable in their role which will result in better productivity. This will also achieve healthy working relationships with colleagues. 1.2 Working and supporting others will enable you and your colleagues to improve your own skills and knowledge helping you and others to achieve personal goals and targets. Working as a team will help achieve the targets of the organisation in the most efficient way. 1.3 When working with others diversity is important as all individuals should be valued regardless of race, gender, age, sex or any other characteristic. There are many benefits to having a diverse workforce in an organisation. A diverse workforce can bring creativity when making decisions or finding solutions to issues. Different cultures can give you a completely different insight in decision making. With diversity you can get a different way of working which can inspire a team or organisations productivity. 1.4 The benefits to working in a diverse workforce is that it can build confidence in communicating to people that are of a different in one way or another to myself. I can learn things from colleagues I would not be able to learn if we were all the exactly same. Different ideas can impact directly on the way I work and can help me to improve my own skills, knowledge and efficiency. Within Ceredigion County Council there are organisational procedures and legal requirements regarding discrimination legislation in the work place. All employees need to respect others and their points of view. A further explanation of Diversity is covered in Task1 (a) Unit 301 Tech Cert. 1.5 Everyone is different and it is important to be aware of
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