Equality, Diversity and Rights Within a Health and Social Care Setting.

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Equality, Diversity and Rights within a Health and Social Care setting. In this essay, I will explain Equality, Diversity, and out Rights as human beings, I will also talk about how these things can affect us as individuals, and also how they can affect our communities. Equality is when all people are treated fairly and have the same value as others, however, this does not mean that everyone should be treated the exact same. With equality we have to recognise that different people have different needs. According to Stretch B’ and Whitehouse M’ ‘The word ‘equality’ is often linked to ‘opportunity’. All workplaces should have an ‘Equal Opportunities policy’ not least because the law states they must have one.’ Equality can affect our communities by bringing different religions, cultures, and beliefs together and making areas more diverse. Diversity is when different types of people come together and form a diverse setting. Diversity can be many things, such as, Ethnicity which helps to provide someone’s individuality and their own identity, Language, this helps to teach others a new language and help them to understand and communicate people from around the world who also know the language. Education, which helps to improve our individual intellectual abilities, this is also one of our rights. Diversity can benefit individuals and communities, because it helps to make people more aware of how different everyone is, and that no two people are the same, diversity can also bring communities closer together as it helps people to understand different religions and beliefs. Basic human rights are what every individual is entitled to, According to Stretch B’ and Whitehouse M’ ‘within the United Kingdom there are 16 human rights that have been incorporated into the legal system these are: Right to life, Prohibition of torture, Prohibition of slavery and forced labour,
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