One Child Policy Essay

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It is common knowledge that the Malagasy people have more than two children. It is a way for them to ensure their descendants and to have people who can help them at work when they are in need. However, having many children has created overpopulation, and more and more people are becoming poor because of this. The question is: is applying the one-child policy a solution to that? Although some people might say that the one-child policy should be applied in Madagascar in order to create prosperity for the next generation, it is my contention that this would bring more harm than good and should never be applied. A. Firstly, not only will there be an aging population but also more challenges to find adequate workforce. 1. Here in Madagascar, young people (18 years old to 30 years old) are very contracted because of their strength and there skills. Furthermore, they represent more than 50% of the labor force. However, if we apply this policy, it will be the contrary and most of the population will be elder people. 2. As a consequence, it will cause a huge dip in the manpower available 3. and it would have a bearing on the economy. B. It is also further argued that the one child-policy will cause gender imbalance and abnormal sex ratio. 1. In fact, in China, which has applied this policy, the ratio hovers around 120 boys to 100 girls. If we also apply this policy, there will be more males than females. 2. Thus, most of men would not have the chance to have wives or girlfriends. 3. It is crucial that everyone have someone to share their life. It will help them to be happier, and the happier, the more likely they are to succeed in life. Moreover, some researchers have found that not having a partner for a long time could create aggressive behavior among frustrated bachelors. C. Finally, there is no doubt in my

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