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Ruth Benitez’s Portfolio Focus on Human Behavior Advanced English 100 Insecurities. You walk into a class room full of students, you don’t know anybody and you’ve never been good at making friends because the pretty girls didn’t think that you were good enough in the 5th grade. Since, you never speak in class, you have two friends and your existence feels slim, you crept through middle school and now you are going into high school and insecurity is written all over your forehead, deep inside you love talking, you enjoy people, but in your mind you are scared that people aren’t going to accept you because you don’t wear Prada and because you don’t grease your lips up with lip gloss. Insecurities are long lasting, once they happen they’re…show more content…
These are only some behaviors that you may see in people to pinpoint their growing harshly judged flaws. Self-doubting and constantly apologizing for redundant events can also be behaviors that point towards an insecure person. Being indecisive or putting yourself down are also behaviors of insecurity. Some people have nervous laughs to expresses there uncomfortableness, insecure people can also be very self-sacrificing, always giving up there spot by putting others before themselves. Insecurities can turn people into dependable persons, who confide in their partners for reassurance of the relationship constantly, insecure people also have a hard time asking for favors or for help, probably too shy to ask for any help that they might…show more content…
With confidence not only does that outside look better but people seem to start having a more positive outlook in life. “People have a natural tendency to trust you more when you seem confident. To the subconscious mind confidence equals competence.” Confidence is very important for people to have, so they can have a rewarding path in life, insecurities only bring hostility, self-loathing and limits into our own lifes. “Insecurity has many effects in a person's life. There are several levels of it. It nearly always causes some degree of isolation as a typically insecure person withdraws from people to some extent. The greater the insecurity, the higher the degree of isolation becomes. Insecurity is often rooted in a person's childhood years. Like offense and bitterness, it grows in layered fashion, often becoming an immobilizing force that sets a limiting factor in the person's life. Insecurity robs by degrees; the degree to which it is entrenched equals the degree of power it has in the person's life. As insecurity can be distressing and feel threatening to the psyche, it can often be accompanied by a controlling personality or avoidance, as psychological defense

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