Crucible- Worst Aspects of Human Nature

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What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are trivial compared to what lies within us. Our morality, integrity and ethics make us who we truly are. These are the roots to the aspects of the nature that we portray as our identity. Conflict is a part of our daily life whether it is deliberate or unintended. It plays a major role in shaping our society as well as us as individuals. The worst aspects of human nature usually flourish during conflict. However, sometimes the aftermath of conflict can also lead to these aspects. The key factors to explore the aspects of human nature in relation to conflict are focused on different consequences of social conflict encountered. They include, the change within oneself discovered during conflict due to inner turmoil and personal vengeance, the possession of power which leads to take advantage of people’s vulnerability and the adversities faced by individuals due to an immense sense of fear in the society as an aftermath of conflict. It is in the nature of human to be controlled by the wants and desires of our mind, but sometimes the inner turmoil and personal vengeance within one’s intentions can result in corrupt human nature. Vengeance is usually the root of conflict and the problem is that sometimes personal malice can lead an individual’s intention to grow into such immorality that they often tend forget the fundamentals of humanity and justice towards the society. Similarly, in the play, ‘The Crucible’, Arthur Miller portrays the extent that personal vengeance can have on a society, where the ‘townsmen’ accuse their own for personal gain. This is portrayed through Abigail Williams’ character as she seeks revenge on Elizabeth proctor for sacking her from her job at the Proctors’ and as a consequence demolishing her from the entity of her desires, John Proctor. In addition, the thirst of personal vengeance leads Abigail
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