Use Of Imagery In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men The book Of Mice and Men written by John Steinbeck uses imagery, dialog, and repetition to give the reader a sense of reality while reading it. Steinbeck tells a story of two men during the 1930’s, he shows the reader what it would be like to live there right now. One of the most used and important thing in Of Mice and Men would be imagery. Imagery is used throughout the pages, and the book even starts off with it. I would say that it is important, because it helps the reader imagine where Lennie and George are and the feeling there giving off. It makes the reader feel like there living in the author’s words, like there really one of the characters in the book, not just reading it.…show more content…
They use language to show that Lennie isn’t very smart and he can’t talk as normal as the rest of the people. Also the dialog it shows how the people in the book have a different way of talking than we do. They use a lot of slang words and contractions in there speech. In their speech, they use a lot of bad words when they’re describing Curley’s wife. The dialog just ties everything in. It shows that Lennie is different from every one. It also shows what a man hunter Curley’s wife is. Most of the things she says are just so inappropriate for anyone besides her husband. The author also had the characters using the “B” word a lot when they were talking about Curely’s wife and the mother dog. The language also tells you the time period the characters are set in. The last important thing that I chose was repetition. They repeated words and sentences quite a few times; they said them over and over in the book. Lennie said the word “rabbit” because he wanted a pet rabbit and it symbolized him and George getting their own farm. George told the story of his and Lennie’s own farm repeatedly to give them hope and determination of achieving it. They also brought up dogs many times to show foreshadowing of where and how Curely’s wife had
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