Comparing Of Mice And Men By John Steinbeck And Robert Burns

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Kyle LaBrake 10/31/09 English 11 Essay Have you ever had something so unexpected happen to you? Or someone you know? Well most likely your answer to this question is yes. Both John Steinbeck and Robert Burns showed a situation where an unforeseen event affected more than one person’s life. Steinbeck showed is vision through the book “Of Mice and Men” and Burns showed his through the poem “To a Mouse”. Both men showed their views in very different ways but were able to get the same point across and show the same message. The main idea of both writing passages was how the lives of various people or animals can be altered by an unforeseen event. In the poem “To a Mouse” author, Robert Burns, does a great job in putting through the main idea to his readers. The original poem is written in old Scottish…show more content…
The main idea of the story was that a smaller man, George, had to help out and stay with a larger and “slower” man, Lennie. Steinbeck uses foreshadowing more than once in the story to help put across the main idea. The area where George and Lennie meet in the beginning with the river and the small pond is foreshadowing to the end because George tells Lennie to come back to that place if anything ever goes wrong. This put the idea in the reader’s mind that something bad is going to happen. Another scene that showed foreshadowing was the part where Candy’s dog is shot because the dog is said to be “useless”. Lennie does something very bad when he kills Curley’s wife on accident because he breaks her neck. This was a much unforeseen event that would affect Lennie and George’s lives. George would later have to kill his closest and best friend. This would cause George to have to live alone now and make his money by himself. Lennie’s life is affected because his life is taken by this unforeseen event, all because of this accident Lennie’s life is
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