George Milton In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Ha Of Mice and Men This essay examines a selected character from the novel Steinbeck, John. Of Mice and Men, author: John Steinbeck, character: George Milton. George Milton’s characteristics will be examined and provide insight into his beliefs and aspirations. George has several characteristics and most of them are bad. He is grouchy and has a short fuse. For example, he berates his traveling friend right to his face, and even suggests his life would be much better if his companion Lennie was not around. George even tells others that his friend Lennie is not very bright, right in front of Lennie. But on the other side of his personality, he shares his friend’s good points and fiercely protects Lennie from anyone and anything. For example, after a long walk towards the new ranch, George warns “Lennie, for God’s sakes don’t drink so much” and “Lenni. You gonna be sick like you was last night.”…show more content…
He admits during his conversation with Slim, that he once abused Lennie for his own amusement. George said Lennie would do anything for him “If I tol” him to walk over a cliff, over he’d go.” So, actually George told Lennie to jump in the Sacramento River and Lennie did. However, Lennie couldn’t swim. George pulled him out and Lennie thanked him for saving his life. Lennie forgot George telling him to jump. According to the novel, George felt bad and vowed never to do that anymore. From this incident George learned the moral lesson that it is wrong to take advantage of the weak
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