The Perfection Of The Morning Analysis

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Eng103B Report Writing Capitalism and Nature, Why Can’t We Have Both? “The Perfection of the Morning” written by Sharon Butala mainly recorded the long journey she went spiritually when she moved from an urban city to the Great Plains. The memoir demonstrated how Sharon has adapted the environment through various aspects such as: the study of Natives and change in perspectives. However, interaction with animals has become a significant aspect as Sharon stated in the “Animal Kin” from the memoir: “Of all the interesting, strange and beautiful things I have seen and felt living here in the landscape, none have stirred and puzzled me more than my encounters with animals”(p168). In this part, the author gives readers an impression…show more content…
As she has demonstrated in the memoir: “Of all animals of the plains, coyotes have the greatest sense of humor. Live with them for a while and it becomes evident why in Native theologies, Coyote is the Trickster god” (p166). In this time, the coyote play a practical joke on both the author and the dog. Although Sharon won eventually, she felt frustrated and become a little bit angry, so she yelled, “Get a job!” to the coyote who, however, respond joyfully. When Sharon and her dog on their way back, she looked back again and has seen “Coyote had paused to sit on the highest hill, silhouetted against the sky, to yodel one more time, no longer at me or my dog, but to the sky, or to nobody and nothing in particular, to the universe, a signature cry, saying I am” (p168). These encounters lead Sharon from afraid of coyotes to feel sad about them and, eventually, to become more familiar with them. The plot arrangement in here shows the process of how the author transformed to a person who eventually fit into nature. This process also clarified that if human beings interact with wild animals; they will be more familiar and will find a proper way to live with
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