The Similarities Between John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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The similarities of the mice with the man In the novel we can find that there is a mice that always appear, but a simple view we can’t relate anything with the mice in the title, only the mice that appears at the beginning of the movie. If you pay attention to the movie and you analyze it you find out that Lennie of the main characters in the movie is the mouse. Why is Lennie the mice? Lennie is the mice because he is a kid living in the body of a big old guy, which is under the protection of his friend George. When they get to the ranch looking for the job the one that talks is always George, because Lennie have an issue in his brain that’s why he acts as a little kid. George talks to the owner of the ranch and he told him that Lennie is his cousin and his mother left him so he have to take care of the poor Lennie. I make the analysis and I get to the conclusion that mice in the title, and in the book are Lennie because mice can’t make decision by itself. I compare Lennie like the mice that the scientist uses in the laboratories to make experiments on them, because the nervous system is similar to a human one. The scientists use the mice in the laboratory to make experiments on them with many things, like medicine to see how they react to it. But Lennie is not used for medicine, is used for work, because Lennie is a guy…show more content…
I think is a bad action to kill him, because he has a cerebral issue which makes him not to think his actions. But George was tired of him, and all the things he have gone through with Lennie. To getting in trouble thanks to him, and then have to out from a town to another and start all over again. I really liked this novel because i learn to appreciate friendship. And I learn to that friendship always have a limit. That at the end you have to do things that you don’t really want, just before somebody else that you don’t want does

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