The Relationship Between George And Lennie In 'Of Mice And Men'

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CONTROLLED ASSESSMENT QUESTION: Explain the ways the relationship between george and lennie is represented in 'Of Mice and Men' WHAT TO INCLUDE: A POINT ABOUT THEIR RELATIONSHIP AND QUOTE FROM BOOK. -EXPLANATION OF LANGUAGE DEVICES AND WHY THEY HAVE BEEN USED INCLUDING THE INFERENCE. TALK ABOUT THE STRUCTURE, Include any patterns from chapter one (foreshadowing, tension, juxtaposition) -Link this to the theme steinbeck is making eg; the american dream , man vs nature ambition and or friendship. Remember to include different characters in explanation and any parallels (similarities) and how they effect George and Lennies relationship. Take this bond away and it will create a difficult and almost impossible journey for the two…show more content…
The killing of Candy's old dog is the ending of a hard life and foreshadows the death of Lennie. At the same time, the killing of the dog represents the end of a relationship that made life worth living and provided hope. This, too, foreshadows Lennie's death. The death of the mouse in the first chapter foreshadows the later death of the pup and the death of Curley's wife. When Curley's wife suggests that Lennie stroke her hair, we know she, too, is doomed. * The narrator describes her in a negative way “she was heavily made up” The ranch men say she’s ‘a tart’, ‘rat trap’, ‘jailbait’ and ‘trouble’. Crooks: The narrator says he’s ‘aloof’ .The ranch men say that he ‘stinks’. * The lack of names. Curley’s wife: It is as though she belongs to Curley. This is very disrespectful considering that the prostitutes in town are given a name! Crooks: Is given that name by the ranch hands because of his ‘crooked back’. This indicates that his identity has been determined by his disability.Both characters are DEPERSONALISED because of their lack of identity- they have become objects, not

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