Unit 6 Health and Social Care

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Unit 6 questions and answers Explain how working relationships are different from a personal relationship A personal relationship is one based on choice, love, social group, interpersonal relationships,family bond or social commitment, in effect besides the family bond, it is one that is chosen by each individual. A working relationship is one that is based on shared and agreed guidelines, to work towards an agreed outcome. The individuals do not often choose their work colleagues. Describe different working relationships in health and social-care settings There are many different working relationships. Relationships of co-workers, these are based on trust and share an agreed outcome. Supervisory relationships, these are relationships between supervisors or managers and they should be easy to approach with any worries problems or concerns that you may have. Professional relationships, these can be with doctors, nurses and other health professionals. Also relationships with the individuals advocates or family, all with the goal of having the individuals needs met. Explain why it is important to work in partnership with others. It is vital for the individuals support team to work with others to achieve a person centred approach towards the care, support or needs of the service user, this allows for the information to be shared confidentially and in agreed ways, to achieve the best standard of care for each individual. Also so that others that come in to the home can read or be passed on accurate and up to date information, so that they can provide a consistent approach to each individual and their needs. This also demonstrates respect, mutual beneficial practices for the individuals. It also allows each employee to understand each others roles, and what purpose

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