Unit 11 P1

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Unit 11 – P1 “Explain how individual rights can be respected in a supportive relationship.” To be able to have a good relationship amongst service users and care workers there have got to trust each other because without trust the won’t be able to have a good relationship as it can be difficult because of the lack of trust. Trust can be gained through the way care workers communicate with their service users, patience, and an appropriate behaviour. With this way a care worker and a service user will develop a supportive relationship. It's also very important that service users’ needs and beliefs are respected as well as valued. Care workers shouldn't think they got all the power for their service users just because there in their care. Service users have got the same rights as everybody else regardless of the race, nationality, gender, and etc. Care workers have got to apply to the care value base in order to be able to treat service users in an appropriate way. Treating people equally means treating service users fairly without discrimination. You need to have the skills to create and build professional supportive relationships with colleagues, other workers from different organizations, service users and so on. This means that it is essential to have the basic understanding of the different elements that all add up to make a good and healthy relationship. A relationship is a connection among two or more people, or instance group of friends or partners. Professional relationship is a link between a service user and the people that provide their care. This sort of relationship has boundaries, limitations and expectations; that must be valued and applied at all times in order to have a supportive and good relationship. In care home or any health care setting, respecting someone is one key to have strong supportive relationship. You can show this by asking the
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