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Assignment 301 Kathleen Toon-Poynton-Hurst Ai: Identify four different reasons ways people communicate. We communicate: * To soothe others and to learn or resolve problems. * To express feelings or to share opinions, emotions, knowledge or needs. * To build relationships and trust. * To provide continuity of care and giving clear guidance. Aii: Describe two ways how effective communication can affect relationships in an adult social care setting between individuals using the service, their carers, colleagues and other practitioners. * Effective communications is done on the basis of relationships we build either personal or professional. For the most effective communication is to pass on clear, concise, informative and accurate information in order to eliminate/decrease the possibility of mistakes/risks to our work colleagues or residents and this is very important. To do this we can build a strong and trusting team and this builds relationship with other work colleagues, residents and other professionals. * Support workers need to work all as a team and in different ways to help / support / care for residents with all their different needs. It is important to communicate well with each other because of the nature of our job we are in. We need to communicate clearly with each other explaining things well and to be open to opinions / advice from colleagues and supervisors. Page 1 of 4 Assignment 301 Kathleen Toon-Poynton-Hurst Aiii: Method | How Effective is this method | Observation | By observing someone closely you can realise if there is a hearing or visual impairment then use the operative method or style of communication should be

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