Unit 4 , Developments Through the Life Stages

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Unit 4 Development Through the life stages. Task, D1, Jo-ann Walker. How Nature-Nurture may affect the Physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of two stages of an individual. Nature. Everything we inherit our genes physical characteristics, eye colour, hair. Biological factors are said to determine a person’s development characteristics and personality. Nature side believes that it is inherited factors which have the greatest impact on development. Many characteristics are easy to see, with nature such as red hair, long fingers, height. How much intelligence or personality is determined at birth! It’s still a debate about how much effect hereditary has. Nurture. Biological factors do play an important part in development. However it is believed that the environment the child grows up in is more important! The social aspects of development . Things that make up our world, our experiences, surroundings, what we eat, we hear, how others treat us, the type of people we interact with. Nature effects on Adolescence. Nature as well as Nurture may both possibly affect the physical, Intellectual, emotional and social development. We all go through this stage at some point in our lives. Nature well as nurture both has an effect on the physical development in a individuals. Physical Development Nature effects adolescence it can possibly be an individual’s that is born with physical disabilities such as, if they was born with Apert syndrome, Spine Bifida. It is a genetic condition present at birth the individual that is born with Apert syndrome normally has multiple abnormalities, such as webbed hands and feet, fingers and toes are short. The eyes are widely spaced and visibly protrude. Head can appear pointed at the top, individuals with this disease are likely to have heart problems, kidney and as well as female productive problems.
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