Nature Nurture Debate Health and Social Care Level 3

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The Nature-Nurture Debate What makes us who we are? Are you tall or are you short…is this what you have inherited from your parents or what your environment has made you? But do you love reading or just hate it…and is this because your family member is like that or because you were raised that way? Every individual is unique in their own way and everyone differs biologically. Characteristics are features of an individual which separates people’s differences by the way they behave, their appearance, emotions and the way they think. Personality is the distinctive behavioural qualities of a person. Nature-nurture has been on hard core debate since the early ages. This debate is all about whether the genes or the environment matters more on people’s development. Nature in terms of health and social care defines as the qualities we are born with that makes us what we are. Nurture defines as how we are influenced as a child by the environment around us, including other people. Many scientists, philosophers and researches argue that individuals’ personalities and talents come from their DNA and many others argue that the majority of it is influenced by life experiences and the environment. There have been studies involving identical and fraternal twins to find out if it is the genetics (nature) or environment (nurture), which was the effective one on the case of personality development. Which side of the debate is more influential? The answer is still to be found. One of the important studies that had been carried out whether certain personality traits were results of their genes or of their environment; Sources of Human Psychological Differences, the Minnesota Study of separated Twins at birth. This famous study of identical twins born of the same egg, fertilised of the same sperm – Thomas Bouchard of the University of Minnesota. Studying identical twins who were

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