Nature vs Nurture Essay

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Running Head: NATURE VS. NURTURE-THE GREAT DEBATE 1 Nature vs. Nurture: The Great Debate Jeffery Gray, RN Western Governors University September 2014 NATURE VS. NURTURE: THE GREATE DEBATE 2 Abstract Describe the basic elements of the nature-nurture controversy. There are two different rationales for the origin, cause, or source of human behavior. Researchers and Scientists alike suggest that behavior is either the result of nature or nurture. Nature suggests that human behavior is the result of a genetic disposition, in other words, an individual’s behavior exists at birth, it is innate, they are born with the behavior inside of them. However, nurture suggests that an individual’s behavior is learned, it is the result or by-product of the environment in which the individual was reared or existed. What is controversial in the nature-nurture debate? An individual that is addicted to drugs feels that he was born with this issue and for the life of him cannot break the vicious cycle of addiction in their life. The nature perspective would agree that drug addiction is innate, inherited, or genetic and therefore the behavior will always exist and can only be managed. However, the nurture perspective on drug addiction would be different. The nurture position suggests the individual has learned to value and develop a desire for and use and abuse of drugs due to their environment, and in order to break this cycle of addiction to drugs, the individual would have to change their environment, associations, and learn to develop coping skills and defense mechanisms to confront the stressors that are driving the use of illicit drugs. The nature-nurture controversy seems to swing between the two extremes. Nature perspective on drug addiction would in a very subtle way, absolve the drug addict of personal responsibility for their drug

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