Nature Nurture Debate Analysis

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D1 evaluating the balance of the nature nurture debate The nature-nurture debate would have an effect on the physical, intellectual, emotional and social factors of an individual. This would lead to an effect on the development of the individual. I will be looking at the way that the physical, intellectual, emotional and social factors effect the development of Tracey (mum) Jack (twin 1) and Joe (twin 2). I will be focusing on the two different life stages which are adulthood which Tracey falls under and adolescence which the twins Jack and Joe fall under. Tracey is in her adulthood stage of her life. Nature- nurture affects her in all four factors; physical, intellectual, emotional and social. Physically Tracey is a single mum to two twin boys; this aspect is more nature as it was in her genes and her husbands that they together were to produce male twins. It is decided weather you have twins due to your genes, it also can be due to being hereditary. 1If a mother has the gene for it, her daughter might also. In that sense, it can be said that twins run in the family, but on the mother's side only. Fathers don't ovulate, so they don't impact twinning…show more content…
This is due to the effect of nurture as her emotions and social life is caused because of environmental influences and factors such as her divorce. Not having her husband around anymore means that she has no one in the home to speak to just generally about everyday things. She only has the company of her children and this does not meet her social needs. 3As lone parents, we may experience emotions such as loneliness and isolation. The frustration of being a single parent can create stress and anxiety levels that can be harmful to you and your loved ones, left unchecked this can lead towards emotional
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