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CYP Core 3.1: Understand Child and Young Person Development 3. Understand How to Monitor Children and Young People's Development and Interventions that should take Place if this is Not Following the Expected Pattern 3.2 Explain the Reasons why Children and Young Peoples Development may not Follow the Expected Pattern There are many factors that may cause a child or young persons development to deviate from expected patterns. These factors may be external or personal in nature and include: disability, emotional influences, physical influences, environmental influences, cultural influences, social influences, learning needs and communication skills. Disability A disability may cause a barrier to development in one or more areas.…show more content…
This also refers to inherited attributes such as physical growth or strength etc which may mean that it takes a child longer to meet a particular stage and that this is part of their natural, personal development pattern. Environmental Influences This include the external factors that may affect a childs development such as poverty and deprivation or the child's looked after/care status. The affect that this has on development may be due to lack of opportunities, time away from education or peers, or due to lack of confidence or low self esteem. Cultural Influences This refers to cultural belief, religion and values and the ways in which families bring up their children and the choices that they make which may have an effect on the childs development. Families have differing beliefs about what experiences and freedoms are suitible for children, for example some cultures may believe that education is not an important element of a girls
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