Unit 4 M1 Hsc Discuss the Nature-Nurture Debate in Relation to Demi Lovato

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Discuss the nature-nurture debate in relation to Demi Lovato Key principles Nature - is the inherited or innate characteristics, features or qualities of an individual. This side of the nature-nurture debate suggests that we are a certain way because of the genes we gain from our parents. Nurture - is how the surroundings on an individual affect them, e.g. their environmental influences and conditions. This side of the nature-nurture debate suggests that we are a certain way because of the way we were bought up and our life experiences. Biological programming - this comes down to your genes. Biological programming suggests that you will have similar medical conditions to your parents supporting the idea of natural selection and genetics. Maturation theory - this theory sees child development as being controlled by evolution and that genetically there is a series of events that will occur automatically. It is believed the development has a biological process and this can be predicted over time. E.g. a child should be able to walk and talk at a given age. Nature Physical appearance Physical appearance is affected by our nature because our genes are what determine how we look. Our genes are inherited from our parents meaning that we tend to look like our parents and have the same or similar features from one or both of them. Depending on which parent had the more dominate genes will effect on which parent you will look more like. Genes determine most of our physical characteristics including blood type, gender, eye colour and height. In each pair of genes one is inherited from each parent. Demi Lovato is of a Hispanic and Italian decent which explains her dark colourings, e.g. her brown eyes and dark brown hair which she inherited from her parents due to their background traits. Demi is 5ft 4inches which is not that tall, her mother is of 5ft 5 and
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