Unit 3 Assignment 1 Assembling A Computer

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Raymond Henson Course Number: NET 790 Course Title: PC Support I Assembling a Computer Will I’m going to teach you how to build your own computer. I’ll explain each step and walk you through the process in this paper. So if you follow each step in order you should be able to build your own computer at home. Step one you will want to pull your case out of the box it was shipped in. I normally place a soft cloth on the work space I’m going to build the computer on so it helps from scratching the case. Once you have the case out of the box. You will want to use you screw driver and remove the screws from the right and left side to remove the panels. This is so you can have everything open and ready to start adding your components to the case. Step two you will want to get the power supply mounted into the case. What you will need to do is take the power supply out of the box it came in. Then you will need to place it in the power supply spot on the case. It should be an opening on the top or bottom of case. Once you have found the spot where the power supply is going to be mounted, you will need to use the 4 screws that came with the power supply and screw it down in place.…show more content…
First you will need to remove the motherboard from the plastic and place it on an antistatic mat to stop static electricity. Then you will want to place the processor into the socket for it on the motherboard. You will need to match the missing pin on the CPU to the missing pin on the socket for the CPU. Then presses down on it gently in tell it’s in place. Then close the load lever to secure it into place. Now align the heat sink over the CPU and tighten it down with the retainers to make sure it secure and plug the power line for the heat sink fan into the spot on the motherboard. Lastly you will want to install the RAM on the board by lining up the notches and pressing down gently in tell it snaps into

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