Explaining how to change a tire

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How To Change A Tire Hello, my name is ------- -------------and I will be explaining to you on how to change a tire on your car, or truck. In this essay we will cover what tools you are going to need, how to remove your current tire, how to inspect your brakes, tire pressure and replace your tire with a new or used one. While we are in the process of doing all of this work today, it will get a little dirty. Make sure you have a rag or something close to wipe your hands with. In this first section we will make sure that we have all the tools we are going to need to change a tire. First you will nee to make sure that you have a car jack. There are a couple of types of jacks you can use for this. One is called a portable jack, this can be found in either the trunk of you vehicle or under the hood. Next we have a floor jack, which is not portable but a lot better to use if you have one available. Now we need to have a lug nut wrench. This item can been found in the trunk or under the hood like the car jack. There are a couple types for the lug nut wrench as well as the jack. There is a standard lug nut wrench and there is a four way lug nut wrench. I find that the four way lug nut wrench is a lot better to use if you have one available to you. Last but not least, you will need a spare tire. This can be found in the trunk of your vehicle or under the rear end of the vehicle. Now that we have all of our tools lets move on to our first step to changing a tire. Now it is time to take your first step in changing you tire on you vehicle. Step one is to jack up the front or back end of the vehicle depending on the tire that needs to be changed. To jack up the vehicle with the portable jack, you will need to place the jack under the sturdy part of you frame next to the tire. Keep in mind the bottom of the jack needs to be semi level with the ground

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