Indicators Of Stress Essay

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Assignment 306 TASK D Di Describe three common signs or indicators of stress Emotionally, stress can cause people to feel: tense, angry depressed, tearful tired and stretched to the limit uninterested in everything Stress can cause: disturbance of sleep patterns feeling of anxiety loss of concentration a quick temper or irritation Physically, stress can cause: tensing of the muscles headaches, migraines increases in infections Dii Describe two examples of circumstances or situations that cause you to feel stressed the type of work that has to be carried out poor working relationships work pressures Diii Evaluate the effectiveness of three different strategies for managing stress organising…show more content…
Different types of personal protective equipment (PPE) uniforms –? should be fresh every day, they should be loose –? fitting to enable free movement gloves –? should be worn only when having direct contact with a person or when dealing with blood, body fluids or items that could be contaminated by these. There are many different types of gloves available on the market for care workers to use such as standard latex, nitrile and vinyl. aprons –? should be places over the uniform before undertaking activities involving blood, body fluids or liquids. Blue apron should be used for food use only and white aprons should be used for all other activities. Aprons must be changed between patient contact. masks –? the mask should be used where there is a risk to the care worker of blood or body fluids aerosol. googles –? these can provide care workers with eye protection when dealing with blood or body fluids shoes –? most care workers are required to wear sensible shoes that are not open-toed and do not have high heels. 2. How using PPE can help to prevent the spread of…show more content…
James expressed a wish to live independently with someone of his own age. You should still carry out risk assessment and put risk control measures in place. What cannot be done is to remove environmental hazards such us trailing electrical flexes, rugs, old equipment. All you can do is to advise the person whose home it is of the risks, and suggest how things could be improved. You can also suggest that support worker will be coming to James to help him prepare the meals and help him to understand about food

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